Programs and SERVICES

We provide a range of services in addition to the educational programs outlined below.

New PDI programs for teachers and principals.

Creating a Culture of Wellbeing and Resilience – for Students and Staff

Educator in Residence

Contemporary Cooperative and Collaborative Learning for Secondary Teachers

Contemporary Cooperative and Collaborative Learning for Primary Teachers

Beyond Coaching

Designing Learning Environments for Optimal Learning

Ecoliteracy: How Natural Systems and Indigenous Learning Can Impact Schools and Learning

Education Leadership Masterplanning

Contemporary Cooperative and Collaborative Learning for Secondary Teachers

Student and Staff Wellbeing and Resilience



Julie Boyd and Associates provide educational advisory services to architects, builders and development consortia who are planning and building new schools.

To complement the Learning Space Masterplans we also offer an;


Assisting principals and teachers  to fully utilise the learning spaces available in newly built schools to achieve an alignment of Environment (including learning spaces as both internal and external environments), Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment.

3. MENTORING and COACHING programs

We provide a web-based, structured, mentoring service with the Australian Businesswoman’s Network.


Our advisory work provides support to Education and Training organisations seeking to adapt, modify and grow their businesses


We are highly experienced teachers and learning facilitators. We are able to offer a broad range of programs ranging from 1 day awareness programs to an extended comprehensive whole school community development program over several years. We also offer intensive 3 and 5 day Vacation School programs in:

  • Creating Collaborative Classrooms
  • Leading Collaborative Schools
  • Learner Centred Assessment
  • Middle Schooling
  • Aligning Environment, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
  • Developing Comprehensive and Integral curriculum
  • Creating Teacher Wellness and Resilience

Below are some examples of short programs we offer. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Cooperative Learning/Collaborative classroom
  • Community building
  • Learning environments
  • Resilient students
  • Prevention and early intervention
  • Beyond discipline
  • Effective teaching and learning
  • Teaching and Learning Styles
  • Motivating/Engaging students
  • Fostering Interdependent learning
  • Extending Gifted students
  • Fostering creativity
  • Developing problem solving skills
  • Gender issues: boys/girls ed.
  • Multiple literacies and numeracy
  • Higher order thinking/learning
  • Multiple intelligences
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Creative conflict
  • Technology in the classroom
  • Facilitating transitions
  • Inquiry learning
  • Curriculum integration
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Curriculum negotiation
  • Aligning curric, instruction, assesst
  • Authentic assessment
  • Learning difficulties
  • Mixed ability/multiage classrooms
  • Multicultural and indigenous learning
  • Bullying
  • Social Skill Development
  • Effective student services
  • Student involvement and responsibility
  • Middle schooling
  • Teacher resilience
  • Reflective practice
  • Teachers as leaders
  • Learning conversations
  • Appraisal/performance mgt
  • Professional development
  • Redesigning timetables
  • Changing secondary schools
  • Improving morale
  • Schools as Collab. Learn. Comm.
  • School improvement
  • School councils
  • School development/planning/strategic think.
  • Leading schools
  • Staff meetings that work
  • Shared decision making
  • Authentic parent involvement
  • Community partnerships/collab.
  • Policy development
  • Building professionalism
  • Leading curriculum change
  • Leading people/teams
  • Principal wellness/resilience
  • Creating school culture
  • Authentic leadership and spirituality
  • Sustainability Literacy and Ecolearning
  • Systems thinking
  • Leadership for School Regeneration
  • Whole school regeneration
  • Change management/system change


We offer a broad range of services, any of which may be combined or customised to meet specific needs. Scroll down the page to see possibilities


We produce, develop and provide resources in both print and electronic formats designed specifically for educators to improve their own learning and operations. To access our current catalogue go to our product search at left.




Professional growth which assists in the achievement of real and effective growth and improvement in classroom practice is one of the greatest challenges which faces schools and organisations. Through working with thousands of teachers both in Australia and other countries it has become increasingly apparent sustained change in learning and teaching practices is achieved through a combination of four factors:

  • access to intensive professional practice and reflection programs
  • in-house coaching
  • on-going peer support and discussion
  • real implementation time.

Our ’Educator-in-Residence’ programs are flexibly designed and negotiated to
meet the needs of your particular staff and may include:

  • information days/sessions for staff/parents/students/community
  • individual and small group planning sessions
  • individual/team counselling
  • observation and feedback of individual, team or whole school
  • coaching and mentoring
  • development of on-going peer support and coaching strategies
  • preparation of a ’key group’
  • ’mini-workshops’
  • extension of school communication mechanisms to assist the learning process
  • modelling/observation lessons
  • teacher/parent/student partnership development
  • local cluster development


  • ’Educator-In-Residence’ Programs (5 days to 2 years)
  • Educational Leader ’Coach-In-Residence’ programs (3 days to 1 month)
  • DISTRICT Wide Professional Development and Growth Programs on all aspects of school and teacher improvement. (Introductory Meeting format to 5 day guided facilitation programs).
  • Site Facilitator Training (To skill school based people to facilitate professional growth)
  • Systems Change Facilitator Training (To skill key change facilitators across Districts and States).


  • Whole conference facilitation as a collaborative learning community
  • Keynote addresses and/or workshops


We are highly experienced and well versed in all aspects of schooling, not simply teaching and learning, at local, national and international levels across a number of countries. Our dialogues, programs and information are based on scientific, contemporary and anthropological research.
In acknowledgement of current system policies regarding professional development we offer a range of services designed to improve, teaching, learning, schooling and the role of education in the broader society. These dialogues are designed as either articulated ’cocktail hour’ dialogues, discreet programs, or as integral aspects of extensive programs.

Dialogue Topics over the past two decades have included, but are not restricted to those listed below.

We note the parallels with Australian Education Departments recent innovations.

EDUCATION DEPARTMENTS                             OUR (historical) PROGRAMS

Leading Futures                                                       Leading Futures

Leading Instruction                                                  Learning Futures

Leading Change                                                      Living Futures

Leading People                                                        Schooling Futures

Learning Futures Series

Natural and Digital Learning: A time and place for each
Expanding learning and teaching thinking, research and practice
How we learn – a very different view.
Learning and Teaching Strategies that work
Beyond Cooperative Learning
Beyond Brain-based teaching to a body-brain-mind approach to teaching
Learning and Teaching for Secondary Teachers
Secondary Students – a current world view and work view
Learning and Teaching for University/Tertiary Teachers
Creating Curriculum
Digital Curriculum – creating it and using it
Integrating Learning, Curriculum and Assessment
Creating Effective Learning Environments
The Role of IT in the Classroom and School

Leading Futures Series

Educational and Public Pedagogy: Blending the Edges
Contemporary leaders – including intrapreneurs and the pathology of leadership
Four Directional Leadership
Beyond Educational Leadership
Female leadership and Male Leadership?

Living Futures Series

Education for Sustainable Societies
Living with Dying – (appropriate for students, teachers and parents)
Resilient Educators – an overview
Personal Resiliency
Professional Resiliency
Living Well – Four Directions for Life
Investing for Your Life

Schooling Futures

Systemic School Reform
Contemporary Professional Development
Collaborative Schools – the myth of ’being nice’?
Mindful Schooling – creating more effective teachers
Schools as Living Systems
Beyond Collaborative Learning Communities


University Accredited 5 day programs available in a broad range of topics. These programs may be run in any location with a minimum enrolment of 24 and a maximum enrolment of 40.
Extended Learning Facilitation programs listed below and others which are coming on line right now can be offered on-site in any location for a minimum of 20 participants.

Certificate of Systems Thinking:

1. Systems Thinking, Living Systems and Sustainable Communities
2. Creating Curriculum for Ecolearning
3. Facilitating Comprehensive Systemic Change
4. Building Sustainable Societies

Certificate of Indigenous Learning:

1. Principles of Indigenous Education
2. Pedagogy of Indigenous Learning
3. Field Study in Indigenous Setting

Certificate for Collaborative Leadership:

1. Leading the Collaborative Classroom
2. Leading the Collaborative School
3. Collaborative Approaches to Professional Learning and Assessment

Certificate of Classroom Leadership:

1. Aligning Environment, Curriculum, Effective Teaching and Learning, and Assessment
2. Developing Integral Curriculum
3, Learner Centred Assessment

Certificate of Secondary Schooling:

1. Middle School Development and Programming
2. Innovative Timetabling, Structural Change and Teacher Teaming
3. Enterprise and School to Work Programs

Certificate for Education, Business and Community Partnership:

1. Authentic Parent Involvement and Parent Education
2. From Sponsorship to Partnership
3. Creating Resilient Communities

Certificate of Site Based Professional Development:

1. Site Based Professional Development
2. Collaborative Approaches to Professional Learning
3. Creating Healthy and Resilient Professionals
4. Renewing Teachers Knowledge( for very experienced educators)

Certificate of Differentiated Learning:

1. From At-Risk to Resiliency for Students
2. Mixed Ability and Multi Age Classrooms
3. Multi Cultural and Equity Issues in the Classroom
4. Catering for the Learning Spectrum: Special Needs and Gifted
5. Early Childhood Education

Certificate in the Ecology of Learning:

1. Beyond Discipline and Classroom Management
2. Tribes: Creating Resilient Children
3. Embedding Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, Decision Making and Goal Setting into the curriculum

Certificate in International Education:

1. Comparative Studies of International Education Systems
2. Global Learning Communities and International Schools
3. Field Work in International Education

Certificate in Tertiary Teaching:

1. Facilitating Effective Learning for Tertiary Students
2. Creating Collaborative Faculties
3. 21st C Tertiary Institutions

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