University Programs

Each of these units has been taught as part of a Masters Degree at least one of the following Universities.

1. University of Tasmania

2. University of Woolongong

3. Northern Territory University

4. Edith Cowan University

5. Notre Dame University


7. Southern Cross University


Graduate Certificates  in Educative Leadership, Univ. of Tasmania;

Renewing Teachers’ Knowledge Courses, Univ. of NT

Learner-Centred Assessment,

Leading the Collaborative Classroom Learning Community

Middle schooling

Leading the Collaborative School

Learner Centred Assessment

Creating Effective Learning Environments’

Aligning Environment, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Creating Wellness and Resiliency in educators

Optimizing School to Work Outcomes

Professional Development Through Reflection on Practice

Bachelor of Applied Management

Graduate Certificate in Education (Workplace Training and Assessment)

Graduate Certificate in Education (Professional Development)

Graduate Certificate in Education (Human Resource Development)

Diploma of Training and Assessment System