Are We Failing Our Kids?

Canadians are doing it, Americans are doing it too! What about Australians?

Nearly half of the Canadians polled in a recent Harris-Decima survey said they feel Canada’s educational system does not adequately prepare young people for work in the modern economy.

Albertans are most pessimistic about the system – 52 per cent say they find it inadequate.

Half of Americans say U.S. schools are doing only a fair to poor job preparing kids for college and the work force. Even more feel that way about the skills kids need to survive as adults, an Associated Press poll released Friday finds.

“A lot of kids, when they get out school, are kind of lost,” said Jamie Norton, a firefighter in Gridley, Calif. “When you get out of high school, what are you educated to do?”

Our education systems are not cutting it any more and we need to be asking why?
A combination of all of the factors impacting education that I outlined in my earlier blog need to be considered in determining why. If we want to prepare kids to live in the world as it is today, and will be in 30 and 50 years time, technology alone is NOT the answer!


1. Changing World

2. Changing Work

3. Resiliency/Prevention

4. Intelligence/Body and Brain-based/Constructivist and Developmental Learning

5. Results/Outcomes-Oriented Learning

6. (Natural) Systems Thinking

7. Expanded Learning Environments and School-work-Higher Learning

8. Communication

9. Technology

10. Environmental Consciousness

11. Useful Assessments and Accountability

12. Increased urbanisation